The $1.2 billion Pilot Program for Climate Resilience (PPCR), is a funding window of the CIF. Using a two-phase, programmatic approach, the PPCR assists national governments in integrating climate resilience into development planning across sectors and stakeholder groups. Second, it provides additional funding to put the plan into action and pilot innovative public and private sector solutions to pressing climate-related risks.

$910 million (76% of PPCR funding) is approved and under implementation for 54 projects expecting $1.3 billion in co-financing from other sources.

The PPCR empowers countries to approach climate resilience in a programmatic manner. Moving beyond project-by-project activities that have limited potential to effect national or sectorwide transformations, the PPCR programmatic approach entails a long-term, strategic arrangement of linked investment projects and activities to achieve large-scale, systematic impacts and take advantage of synergies and co-financing opportunities.

To extend the PPCR’s reach beyond national and regional investment plans and to stimulate more private sector participation, concessional financing has been set aside to be awarded on a competitive basis for innovative private sector projects advancing the goals of the PPCR. Private sector concept projects totaling $65.3 million have been endorsed for further preparation and approval.

Affordable, Flexible Financing

Giving priority to highly vulnerable least developed countries, including small island developing states*, the PPCR provides grants and highly concessional financing (near-zero interest credits with a grant element of 75%) for investments supporting a wide range of activities, such as, water resource management, urban development, infrastructure, enabling environment, coastal zone management, climate information systems and disaster risk management, and agriculture and landscape management. 

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*PPCR pilot countries Dominica, Haiti, Jamaica, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Saint Lucia, Tonga are also members of World Meteorological Organization Small Island Developing States (WMO SIDS).